My first blog- : Tips, Tidbits, and Treats
Tina the Dog Walker
(and Pet Sitter, too!)
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Tips, Tidbits, and Treats-
Musings and commentary from Tina and her dog-in-chief, Romy-

My first blog-

by Tina Smith on 03/22/13

What do I want to write about? I ask myself what people would be interested in. What could I possibly add to the blogosphere that hasn’t been written a thousand times already? I think the most intelligent way to approach this is to just stick to what I find intriguing or pertinent, and hope that others might share these interests and stop in for a quick read. As I am a professional pet caregiver, much of my ponderings and musings will logically be dog and cat based. I imagine that I will cover a broad range of topics from animal behavior, nutrition, pet care tips, etc.-a virtual cornucopia of information. That being said, I will try not to adhere to a dry, redundant style of prose, constantly repeating what I’ve read elsewhere, and what you’ve no doubt already heard. Perhaps I will write from a dog’s perspective. Romy’s point of view, as it were. Lord only knows that she certainly has strong opinions, and I would never try to voice her thoughts without her strictest of supervision.  I can just hear my good friend JD saying-“But how can you voice only one dog’s opinion, no matter how brilliant? Certainly, Romy’s good friend Mr. Quentin Comfort would have important and profound tidbits to add to the conversation…” And to that I say, absolutely. This will be a blog of ideas and information-the sublime and the prosaic- the canine and the feline. And yes, even the human.  Please stay tuned-Romy is demanding my attention and I know who the boss is in my house…

Tina and Romy