Happy Holidays from Tina and Romy! : Tips, Tidbits, and Treats
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Tips, Tidbits, and Treats-
Musings and commentary from Tina and her dog-in-chief, Romy-

Happy Holidays from Tina and Romy!

by Tina Smith on 12/18/14

 It seems that my plans of blogging on a somewhat regular basis were slightly unrealistic. How quickly the months have flown by since the last time I wrote anything! It's been an amazingly busy Summer and Fall, and I am looking forward to a relatively quiet Christmas and New Year's weeks with Romy. So many projects have been put off for so long, as we've been walk, walk, walking, with very little time left for hobbies or activities! As we all settle in for a merry time of Egg Nog, rich and delightful foods, turkey, stuffing, and all the good things-I wanted to remind you that chocolate is toxic to our four-legged family members. Please be mindful of what you put under your tree. Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a trip to the Emergency Vet Clinic. Poinsettias, and other Christmas plants are also a danger for your pets. Do your research on the safety of holiday items before leaving a destructive Fido alone in the house with potential hazards. A healthy dog, is a happy dog-and we all want to have the very best and stress-free holiday with our loved ones. I want to wish you all the best of holiday seasons-whether you are celebrating Hannukah (Chag Sameach!), Kwanzaa, Christmas, Festivus-what ever is your flavor. May the New Year bring you joy and peace, and may you and your pets get everything you wish for!!
Thank you for an amazing year-I appreciate every one of you, and Romy does too!!
Tina and Romy